The Assistant
                       "because this is your time."



The Assistant will work with you to get your list done. Two people are more powerful than one, half the time, half the expense. The Assistant will coordinate contractors on your behalf when appropriate. The list of services below is an example of what the assistant can do for you but not exclusive should you have something else in mind. Please call to discuss your wish list and we'll make it happen for you!

Personal Services

Household maintenance (house sitting, cleaning assistance, home organization support)

Animal care

Childcare as needed

Grocery shopping (pickup and delivery to work or home)

The ‘to do’ list (personal errands, recycling, telephone calls/inquiries)


Senior Services

Spousal care

Day to day shopping assistance

Regular home visits

Household maintenance (cleaning, laundry, handling incoming/outgoing mail)

Telephone assistance

Business Services

Vendor pickups

Personal assistance

Property management support

Event planning assistance

Temporary office support

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