The Assistant
                       "because this is your time."

About us

     Hi my name is Marie and I am The Assistant.  The Assistant manifested itself over two years ago when I found myself grocery shopping at the local gas station and losing my voice in retaliation to working hours beyond that of a napping house cat. I needed someone to make phone calls for me and arrange appointments to deal with the elephants I had created in my virtual and physical space. 

      The creation of The Assistant reared its determined head more recently when I found myself in a sling having fallen prey to our northern ice foes.  I would have hired Popeye to bust open tins of spinach, a can opener was a tool that mocked me continuously.    I needed an assistant to grocery shop for me, do laundry and wash the dishes before we had to rebuild the Ark. So this is where it all began, now I am ready to be your assistant, knowing how stressful life can be and knowing what magic an extra set of hands can do.

     My professional experience has given me the ability to trouble shoot quickly and efficiently, having come from a management perspective in banking and event managing for close to twenty years.  I have my human resource management certificate that has given me the knowledge and grace to go forward in a gentle but commanding manner.  It is my passion to go forth and create a life that is filled with importance for that which is important. 

     You! If you don’t take care of you how are you able to take care of others.  If you’re not giving your best to life, what are you giving and who around you is receiving.  Give yourself the time to do what’s right, let The Assistant take care of those little things so you can take care of the important things.  Your life will hold meaning at the end if you take care of the beginning. Let’s do this together! 

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